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T-Shirts Direct to Garmet

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The inks bind directly to the fibers of the garment's material, which is why cotton - a fibrous material - is better for DTG printing than polyester - a much smoother material. Once all the colors have been added and the design is complete, heat will often be used to dry the ink. This entire process can take as little as a minute to complete! 

About the Process:
What is direct to garment printing? It is just putting ink directly onto an item of clothing? What sets it apart from any other form of printing then? 

Also referred to as DTG and inkjet-to-garment printing, direct to garment printing is the printing of digital images from a computer onto a shirt or other garment through the use of an inkjet printer. And while the name may seem vague, the advantages, disadvantages and ideal uses for DTG are quite specific. Read on to see how it works and whether your project is right for DTG.

  • No setup costs
  • Allows for small orders to be printed at a reasonable price
  • Can print extremely detailed images
  • Does not charge by the color, making full-color printing affordable
  • Ink binds directly to fibers so it feels more like it's part of the fabric

Explanation of Turnaround Time:

Turnaround time begins when the proof is approved. All times are based on normal business days, Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays. Please note this does not include shipping time.

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